The Deed Restrictions for our Sharpstown homes were written 65 years ago.  Laws change and the neighborhood has changed with time.   The Sharpstown Civic Association with our HOA attorney’s expertise has embarked on the extremely arduous task of updating them.    We are looking at what needs to be changed to ensure that they can be upheld legally and need the feedback of the homeowners.  Links below are the proposed new DR’s and the Red Line (original documents with the changes showing).   Also is a link to a survey that is being sent to residents that we currently have on our email list.

Each section of Sharpstown will be asked to vote on the amended DR’s and 51% of the homeowners in that section are required for it to pass.  Although, for ease of enforcement we hope to have one version to use as a template, there are some sections that will have differences particular to them.   These will be pointed out as this progresses.

Thank you for taking your time to fill out the survey and to look over these documents.    Our July 25th SCA meeting will be devoted to this topic and we welcome questions and concerns.  We will have our usual Face Book live video posted if you are not able to attend.  Voting will be administered section by section and letters mailed out to all that live in the sections ahead of time.   More information on the actual voting process will follow.


Updated Deed Restriction Document  October 2019


Updated Deed Restriction Document 8/16/2019

Red Line Version 8/16/2019


Updated Deed Restriction Documeny (July 2019)

Red Line Version (July 2019)



Commercial Vehicle Explanation


Fears and Value