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Sharpstown Sections Map-Interactive

Section 1

Bellaire (N), Hillcroft (E), Bissonnet (S), Bintliff (W)

Section 1A

Beryl (N), Albacore (E), a line north of Sylmar (S), McAvoy (W)

Section 2

Bellaire (N), Bintliff (W), Beechnut (S), Fondren & Southwest Freeway (W)

Section 3

Beechnut (N), Fondren (south to drainage ditch) (W), Bissonnet (S), Brae Acres (W)

Section 5 Boundaries

Leader (N), Fondren (E), Southwest Freeway (S), Tours (W)

Country Club Estates 2 Boundaries

Hiawatha (N), Fondren (E), Dashwood (S), Tam O’Shanter (W)

Country Club Estates 3-East Boundaries

Drainage ditch just south of Harwin (N), Fondren (E), DeMoss (S), Tam O’Shanter (W)

Country Club Estates 3-West

Sandspoint + cul de sacs (N), Burning Tree (E), Hiawatha (S), Redding (W)

Country Club Terrace 1

Bellaire (N), Fondren (E), Leader (S) HL&P right of way @ Gessner (W)

Country Club Terrace 2

Edgemoor (N), Osage (E), Southwest Freeway & Beechnut (S), Gessner (W) + LaRoche south of Beechnut*

Country Club Terrace 3

Bellaire (N), Gessner (E), Beechnut (S), Eichler (W) + South of Beechnut — Beechnut (N), West of LaRoche* (E), Jackwood (S), Pella (W)


*LaRoche is part of CCT-2