Officially launched on Monday, December 17th, 2012,  the revised patrol program is in effect. Our new vendor is S.E.A.L. Security, and we will have as many as three, marked patrol units on duty at a time, primarily during the day, but also during evening hours. This project is the result of many months of due diligence by the Safety & Security Committee as they prepared and issued a Request-For-Proposal in the fall. With many proposals in hand, they evaluated each one based on multiple factors,  including training, experience, resources, and cost, conducting on site interviews to make the final selection.

The process was objective and data driven, as the committee reviewed crime data to get a better feel for where and when the resources would be most effective.  It’s important to know that Sharpstown subdivision is overwhelmingly safe and secure, with very little crime. We do however have property crimes, like driveway thefts, burglaries, and auto thefts. The research revealed that the bulk of these crimes occur Monday through Friday, from morning to afternoon, while many residents are at work. Security patrols during this block of time will serve to deter these types of crimes, and will hopefully make our neighborhood even safer.

The neighborhood has been segmented into three “beats”,(generally east of 59, Fondren to Gessner, and west of Gessner) in order for the patrols to be highly visible and responsive. The Officers are armed, private security contractors who specialize in K-9 operations. The Officers will  also conduct K-9 patrols of the public areas within our subdivision. With value-added services such as vacation watches and phone dispatch, it is a tremendous deterrent to crooks. The SEAL Officers are inside our neighborhood 100% of their time, and are accountable through GPS monitoring.

Everyone was disappointed in the cancellation of the Pct 5 Constable Program (COPS) and there is more about the history and background on that issue here. We believe this revised initiative is more cost effective and sustainable. We will be monitoring the results closely and reporting the performance to members on a regular basis.

Thank you for your continued support!

Safety & Security Committee