BMV is the most preventable crime and Sharpstown’s most prevalent.    With easy access into the neighborhood and back out, the bad guys go unnoticed.    If ANY THING catches their eye from the windows of your vehicle they will break in to check it out.   Doesn’t matter that it’s your dirty gym clothes or an empty trash bag.    Just get in the habit of hiding it all and they will move onto another neighborhood.     Also, lighting your driveway or posting camera’s is a good deterrent.     Make them think twice before messing with your vehicles.

Crime Report for January 2019

Date of CrimeSectionRobberyBurglaryTheftAgg. AssaultRapeMurderHPD Case #
January 8, 2019E3E7700 Moonmist Dr3228119
January 22, 2019E3E7800 Gulfton St9218419
January 22, 2019E3E8000 Sands Point Dr9284819
January 24, 2019E3E8300 Sands Point Dr10278519
January 28, 2019E3E7700 Hiawatha Dr12106819
January 21, 2019E3W8600 Sands Point Dr9194219
January 24, 2019S17400 Heilig Rd10503119
January 24, 2019S16300 Neff St10171419
January 24, 2019S16600 Neff St10209319
January 27, 2019S16800 Mobud Dr11612119
January 31, 2019S16800 Edgemoor Dr13277519
January 2, 2019S27100 Langdon Ln503419
January 18, 2019S27500 Marinette Dr7724019
January 18, 2019S27200 Neff St7753019
January 9, 2019S37200 Tanager St3543519
January 18, 2019S37500 Imogene St(Auto)7916519
January 9, 2019T18500 Leader St3775219
January 2, 2019T28300 Carvel Ln760419
January 11, 2019T27900 Carvel Ln4796419
January 14, 2019T28300 Sharpcrest St6101919
January 20, 2019T28400 Triola Ln8804319
January 27, 2019T27100 Redding Rd11605619
January 7, 2019T37000 Pyron Way2805119
January 7, 2019T39400 Hendon Ln2689219
January 9, 2019T37200 Pella Dr3561919
January 11, 2019T37900 Jorine Dr4816419
January 19, 2019T39100 Tanager St8296319
January 21, 2019T38800 Tanager St8922419
January 22, 2019T38300 Jorine Dr(Auto)9242519
January 23, 2019T39000 Hazen St(Auto)9747619
January 25, 2019T38800 Hazen St10757619
January 27, 2019T39100 Langdon Ln11643619
January 30, 2019T39200 Neff St12875819
January 30, 2019T39200 Neff St12914319
January 30, 2019T39400 Leader St12774119
January 2019 Total351424600
January 2018 Total341723300
2019-01 Monthly Crime Report by Section.xlsx

January 2019 Crime Statistics by Section

SectionRobberyBurglaryTheftAgg. AssaultRapeMurder  
Total for Jan 2019: 351424600
Total for Jan 2018: 341723300
*The aggrivated assaults in the Estates north of the golf course originated North of Sandspoint.
The assailants ran around the condominiums onto the golf course and were spotted by SEAL and detained for HPD. A big win for SEAL/HPD and an exciting day for golfers!