Deed Restrictions

This committee supports the community by addressing the questions and concerns of residents in regard to deed restrictions. In addition, these volunteers accept and process complaints regarding possible violations.

Architectural Control

This committee is responsible for the review and approval of any proposed alteration, addition, or improvement to the exterior of any dwelling in the Sharpstown community, as defined under the deed restrictions for each section.


Consolidates the various committees including office operations, technology, legal (contracts), nominating, and By-laws into a single Administration Committee.


 The Finance committee, as designated in the by-laws, is chaired by the Treasurer and is responsible for the financial operations of the association.


Consolidates the various, existing committees including SCAN, Public Affairs, Schools, and Advertising, into a single combined committee. This key group of volunteers can support the remaining committees in obtaining their goals through a consistent message and effective communication.


Consolidates the various existing committees, to include membership, community outreach, and business contact-associate members, into a combined Membership Committee.

Safety & Security

Designates a liaison to the  HPD’s Midwest and S. Gessner Divisions.  This group of volunteers will develop, implement, and support neighborhood safety and security activities including communications regarding urgent crime related information.


Consolidates several existing committees, including yard-of-the-month, holiday lights, and Scenic Sharpstown, into a combined Beautification Committee. This group of volunteers will work to develop, implement, and support programs that strive to improve the physical and aesthetic environment of the Sharpstown community. Responsibilities include:

  • Advocate a high standard of community cleanliness, maintenance and attractiveness in a positive manner.
  • Encourage and promote partnerships and volunteer participation of residents in improving our community.
  • Address a variety of issues including graffiti eradication; neighborhood clean-ups; Earth Day activities; abandoned shopping cart removal; beautification recognition program; recycling and household hazardous waste program, and other projects.
  • Serve as a resource for those residents who are no longer able to physically maintain their property, such as the elderly and infirmed, by assisting with minor exterior maintenance. Through donations and volunteer service the overall appearance of the neighborhood is improved.

Activities & Events

Consolidates the existing General Membership Meeting committee, and develop, implement, and support new programs through an Activities & Events committee. This includes adding events such as: Easter Egg Hunt, 4th of July picnic, volunteer appreciation dinners, associate member night, plant swap, home tour, garden tour, and a neighborhood parade. These events help foster a sense of community, and provide an opportunity to generate additional financial support for SCA operations.

 Government Relations

This committee represents the interests of the Sharpstown community through interaction with local, state, and federal government entities as the Government Relations committee. This includes acting as a liaison to the Greater Sharpstown Management District (GSMD), The SW Houston TIRZ#20, and the City of Houston.